About Us

AFROKONYA was established in Konya on the 20th of March 2015 with the meeting of the Association of African Students in Konya.

Our group includes ...

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Our Vision

To be a combination working for single together, prosperous and Africa. By staying in cultural composition and interaction; by doing social and scientific activities in the best way possible ...

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Our Mission

In general, the aim of the association of African students studying in Konya is to promote the continent of Africa better and to carry out scientific, cultural and ...

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Latest News

Afrokonya's Latest News.
Here are the latest news of the African Students Association in Konya, stay tuned.


Afrokonya\s main aim is to unite African students in Konya and to work hand in hand for the general interest.


Our association works so hard to see the African student’s community in Konya live hand in hand


The progress of the association and Africa is of great importance for our association.

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